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Who’s Amelia?
First face this face saw.
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"And I think he’s just, you know, enjoying every single minute of it, and loving being Doctor Who."

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Guardians of the Universe


Guardians of the Universe

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it’s about, truthfully bringing as much of me to the doctor as written, as possible. what you bring to it, is yourself. (x)

He had me at “attack eyebrows”.

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I didn’t know. I honestly didn’t, till right now. I just want him.

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The name’s Mickey. Mickey Smith. Defending the earth.

And that’s what I call character development.

But why did they have to turn Martha into the scared one to do it though. They could’ve just been like ‘fuck yeah let’s do this together’

Sorry… I don’t normally do this, but this scene actually matters a lot to me. It’s my second favourite of the goodbyes in that episode (the first being Rose).

This moment isn’t about fear.  While the evil alien was still shooting at them, Martha never showed any fear (neither did Mickey, for that matter).  She was thrilled, laughing, and having a fantastic time.

The moment that is giffed on the right above is after the Sontaran has been dispatched and Martha and Mickey are seeing the Doctor and recognizing that he’s saying goodbye.  It’s not about fear, not of dying, but fear and upset on behalf of the Doctor, and Mickey isn’t protecting her, he’s comforting her.

This gifset, to me, isn’t about Mickey becoming brave, even though he did. It’s about Mickey becoming an adult.  On the left, he is a submissive member of the relationship, seeking comfort when he’s afraid.  In the second, he’s an equal member of the relationship, offering comfort when he and his partner are upset.  Because that’s what adults should do.

In addition, Martha turns to Mickey not simply, to my mind, to seek comfort, but also because she knows that he will need comfort as well.  Because the Doctor means a lot to both of them.

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Doctor Who Exclusive: New TARDIS Design Tour

Get an Exclusive tour of Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi’s New & Redesigned TARDIS, courtesy of show production designer Michael Pickwoad!

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Ninth Doctor + Sass Master

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